About me

Hello! Welcome in my space.

I’m Lucia (… obviously), I’m Italian and I live in Italy. I started publishing my video tutorial in 2016 just for the pleasure to share my passion for knitting and crocheting. Since 2019 I started translating my blog and my videos also in English and I really apologize for all the mistakes I make.

Since I was a kid I learned from my mother and grandmother making little works. When I was childbearing my first son, I made lots of booties, hats, cardigans, etc… but after this peaceful period, my time off started to be less and less and I replaced those hobbies with time with my kids (I had 3) and our lives.

My biggest passion is traveling. I brought a camping car in 1999 (the year my second daughter was born) and since then I raised my kids traveling at every occasion (in 2006 I also had my third son). I love nature, discovering new places, new towns, new peoples, new foods… one life isn’t enough for all!

A few years ago, thanks to a knitting group in my area, I started again and it was like to do everything from beginning, but it was also a discovery of my addition to colorful yarn!! It took very little time to fill my house with every kind of yarn and beginning to think about thousand of project impossible to realize in only one life.

And ever since I discovered this big passion for yarn, I also discovered that the long road trip around Europe are never long enough to finish a project! I never start a trip without one or two bags full of yarn and accessories to be sure to have everything ready for any idea I may have!

With my husband driving, we listen to music and I knit beside him. Same thing at each stop from exploring new places: sitting on my deckchair in a camping, relaxing and enjoying the fresh air of a summer evening and the silence of nature…
I only quit for a good book before sleeping… what else you need?

Also evening TV is no longer the same. I just cannot watch a movie… I need to knit while watching! I know actors voices better than faces!

So, if you think it’s normal:
– stopping in front of each yarn shop thinking you would like to by all the shop…
– watching all sweaters (also with people inside) trying to understand how is made…
– thinking all day to your project waiting for you after dinner…
– often have to buy some new accessory INDISPENSABLE for a new project..
– thinking that it should be good to have some magic to be able to finish a big project in just a few hours…
well… you can understand me!

If you like, please live a message, it’s good to know you’re not alone in your craziness… ??